Boiler Plant Replacement

SCI-Waymart Waymart, PA



The boiler plant at The Department of Corrections (DOC), State Correctional Institution (SCI) Waymart had been constructed in 1955, housing three Keeler traveling grate anthracite coal boilers with 800Hp equivalent steam generation capacity each. An 800 Hp Cleaver Brooks steam fire-tube boiler had been added in 2014, equipped with a dual fuel burner operating on natural gas with a limited capacity fuel oil tank backup. This four-boiler system served as the primary steam source to support heating, domestic hot water, laundry, and dietary loads. Due to EPA MACT 6J air quality regulations, the coal boilers were not permitted to operate more than 10% of the rated load for a calendar year and would require significant and costly upgrades in order to comply and return to full capacity.

DOC needed to validate their plans to replace the aged coal boilers with two additional 500Hp water-tube boilers with low NOx dual fuel burners to supplement the output of the existing 800Hp boiler, using natural gas and the extension of fuel oil from the current underground storage tanks for the emergency generators. In addition, a regulated distribution system, metering, and controls, as well as upgraded condensate return, DA/feedwater and chemical treatment systems, updated lighting, electrical services, make-up and service water, air and ventilation systems, and building envelope improvements were needed.

Entech completed a life-cycle cost analysis and worked with DGS and DOC to review four schematic design options and an opinion of probable cost for each, so that a final project scope of work could be established based on available funding, and full design development could commence.

Solution Details

We proposed four schematic design options for DGS and DOC consideration:

Option 1:
Renovate the existing boiler plant to accommodate two new 500 HP fire-tube dual fuel (gas/oil) boilers and deaerator that would replace the three existing coal fired boilers.

Option 2:
Construct a new 4,400 SF masonry building for two 500 HP fire-tube dual fuel (gas/oil) boilers, one relocated 800 HP Cleaver Brooks boiler, and deaerator. The new building would include a control room, changing room, one staff restroom, one inmate restroom, one office, and space for expanded metal tool cages. The existing coal fired boilers and existing deaerator would be abandoned in place. Option 2 included the entire scope as initially presented by DGS and DOC (except that fire-tube boilers would be used in lieu of water-tube boilers).

Option 3:
Construct a new masonry building similar to Option 2 but with increased height to accommodate water-tube boilers. This option, which included all of the DGS/DOC proposed scope, would require a significant budget increase, due to the increased building height and the use of water-tube boilers, which were approximately double the cost of the fire-tube boilers.

Options 1 - 3 also included replacing designated areas of steam and condensate piping that were approaching the end of service life.

Option 4:
Construct a new masonry building with fire-tube boilers. Option 4 was the same as Option 2, except that it did not include the replacement of designated areas of steam and condensate piping.

DOC reviewed the proposed options and selected Option 2. We provided engineering and design services for the construction of the new boiler plant.

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