FCA & Asset Inventory

Sisters of Saint Joseph Convent / Chestnut Hill College Philadelphia, PA



Needing to preserve the rich history of the Convent’s and College’s buildings, while ensuring that generations to come would benefit from their use, we were selected to perform a campus-wide Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) and Asset Inventory.
Structures evaluated, on the 45-acre campus, were constructed between 1839 and as recently as 2006. The evaluations provided the vital data needed to not only maintain, but to improve the condition of the historic campus. We carefully collected and analyzed the campus building data and provided the Convent and Chestnut Hill College with a scheduled, prioritized, and managed approach for planning and budgeting improvements to its distinctive buildings over a ten year period.

Solution Details

The Mount St. Joseph Convent was established in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA in 1847. In response to the need for education for young women, the Convent opened Chestnut Hill College (formerly Mount Saint Joseph College) in 1924. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building that houses the Convent was built in 1839. St. Joseph’s Hall, built in 1901, features a six-story Greco-Roman rotunda and French Gothic exterior. Fournier Hall, completed in 1928, is noted as a “jewel of Italian Romanesque architecture.”

We evaluated 17 Campus and Convent buildings, which included central heating and cooling plants and equipment, totaling more than 978,000 sq. ft. with more than 360 projects identified ranking from immediate to low priorities. The most costly projects noted related to HVAC systems, fire protection systems, exterior closures, and electrical system upgrades. Total project costs identified were more than $40M, bringing the annual renewal cost over 10 years to $4M. If monies are not available in a given year to address all planned maintenance, the college is able to direct available funds to the most urgent needs.

All FCA data is housed in the FM-Assistant database, making the information dynamic and accessible. Progress can be easily tracked and reported and the plan can be updated as projects are completed or reprioritized.

Following the condition assessments, a comprehensive Asset Inventory of equipment (1,125) was completed for the same campus facilities. Current inventory was confirmed using historical data, and all undocumented inventory was collected and recorded.

We also evaluated an additional property in Sea Isle City, NJ to aid the Sisters of St. Joseph in making an informed decision in regards to its acquisition.

Facilities staff and administrators now have the information needed to make more informed decisions as they manage their campus facilities’ needs and condition in an ever-evolving environment. The foresight of the institution to evaluate and plan for campus maintenance will ensure that it will continue to serve future generations.

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17 buildings

975,000 sq.ft.

360 projects identified

1,125 assets collected