CHP Plant Civil & Environmental

United Corrstack, LLC Reading, PA



United Corrstack, LLC (UC) is a mini paper mill, making paper and paper goods from recycled content, located within the city of Reading in Pennsylvania. Throughout its manufacturing process, a lot of energy is needed, making energy a primary cost in production. To combat rising energy costs, UC decided to install a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Circulating Fluidized-Bed Biomass Boiler (CFB) with electrical Cogeneration to produce, use, and sell excess green energy. We assisted UC with the civil planning, zoning, and permitting approvals necessary to install the massive boiler and cogeneration unit, named Evergreen Community Power, within a tight urban environment.

Solution Details

The property chosen to house the massive 200-foot tall boiler and 30 megawatt cogeneration plant was an existing designated brownfield site, adjacent to UC’s paper mill facility. Along with schematic design of the boiler and cogeneration plant, fuel storage and conveyance, and site utilities planning, there were many civil and environmental permitting and planning regulations and concerns from the City that needed to be addressed and satisfied to achieve approval from the City.

We assisted UC in ultimately gaining approval, by providing various site construction renderings, site/civil and land development plans, fire protection and access roadways, and addressing operating noise concerns.

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