Res. Hall Bathroom Renovations

Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, PA



Designed by the architectural firm Cope and Stewardson, Pembroke Hall is one of the oldest residence halls on Bryn Mawr’s Campus. Built in 1894, it consists of and east and west wing. The college desired to renovate the building’s bathrooms as well as some ancillary spaces. When we began working on the renovations to the building, it had been nearly 30 years since the last major renovation.

We provided architectural, mechanical and electrical design services from schematic design through construction for the renovation projects. Each phase included the renovations of bathrooms on each floor of the building (six total) as well as renovation of a tea pantry and a laundry room. As with the majority of higher education renovations, the ability to work within tight schedules around student occupancy is critical, and this project was no exception.

Solution Details

We worked closely with the college to ensure that spaces were renovated to meet accessibility requirements as well as to maintain the required number of plumbing fixtures for the renovated spaces. Because of the tight space constraints presented by working within existing masonry walls, several layout options were explored with the college before a final configuration was chosen. Close coordination was required between architectural and mechanical disciplines to ensure that all piping and ductwork could be fit within the existing floor to floor heights of the building.

During the course of construction extensive floor sheathing and framing deterioration was discovered under existing flooring requiring re-construction of a significant portion of the floor structure. We worked with the college’s structural consultant, CVM to reconstruct the floors and ensure new floors could be sloped for proper drainage. A continuous waterproofing membrane was installed under new floor finishes, along with new floor drains outside of shower bases to help guard against future framing deterioration caused by water leakage.

The renovation projects were phased by building wing and were constructed over two separate summers while students were on summer break. We assisted the college by meeting design and bidding deadlines early in the spring of the construction year, and then with the contractor during construction to help ensure that renovated spaces were completed on time for students to return in the fall.

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6 bathrooms

ADA compliance