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When a natural gas producer began siting wells in the Utica basin, they needed a metering and regulating (M&R) station to quantify and regulate raw natural gas gathered and move it into a 3rd party transmission pipeline to be transported for further processing. We were selected to provide turnkey design/build for a 100MMSCFD M&R station to handle initial flows, with capacity for future increases, as other area wells come online.

Solution Details

We utilized AutoCAD’s Plant 3D to design the M&R interconnect station allowing clear communication of station design parameters, process details, equipment specifications and station layout to both the client and construction subcontractors. This new M&R station included a Gas Chromatograph (GC), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), skid mounted PIG launcher/receiver, coalescing inlet filter separator, Ultrasonic measurement (USM) w/bypass, meter canopy, worker/monitor regulation, mercaptan odorant tank with injection pump and galvanic cathodic protection (CP) system. Once design was approved, subcontractors fabricated, documented, and hydrostatically tested station and skid piping assemblies. Measurement and regulation skids were then fabricated, coated, inspected, tested and shipped to the site for installation. We worked with subcontractors and operations personnel from both interconnect parties to commission the facility and prepare for startup.

Post-construction, we provided job-closeout documentation of installed equipment, design calculations, as-built data and certifications necessary for the M&R station to come online.

The completed station provides our client with a new, purpose built facility capable of meeting the current demand and expansion to handle further development of the Utica Shale play.

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100 MMSCFD station capacity

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