Residue Gas M&R Station

Confidential Natural Gas Client Butler County, PA



We developed a point of receipt (POR) interconnect metering and regulating (M&R) station to receive residue gas from an upstream cryogenic gas processing facility. This station was designed to meet the requirements of both our client and the cryogenic facility owner, as all piping and equipment was located on the cryogenic plant site pad. The M&R facilities were designed to measure the upstream gas feeding into an existing 60 mile pipeline that delivers to three downstream interconnects, which we also had previously designed. With the M&R station operational, our client can confidently flow and account for their natural gas product.

Solution Details

We worked closely with process and field engineers to provide station layout and approval drawings of this residue gas receipt station. Consisting of a 12” Ultrasonic Meter w/bypass, worker/monitor regulation run w/bypass, GC/RTU building and PIG Launcher design, this station provided the upstream terminus of this pipeline system.

Coordinating with the plant engineers, we provided foundation and buried piping designs as to not impede existing operations in any way. Station gas velocity and pipe stress analysis, including expansion capacity calculations, were considered during the design development stages of the station design. Our design team worked closely with the client, contractors, and reviewing agents to see this station take shape from concept through construction and closeout.


  • Field verification of site space analysis
  • 20-420 MMSCFD initial station capacity (expandable to 840 MMSCFD)
  • ASME B31.8 station design
  • ANSI 600 class system design
  • Structural foundation loading calculations & design
  • Piping pressure and gas velocity analysis
  • Piping and BOM design
  • 20-Inch PIG launcher design
  • Cathodic protection sub-contractor management
  • Electrical hazardous area analysis
  • Electrical grounding, cathodic protection, and conduit plans
  • Engineering design, drawing development, approval coordination
  • Closeout and as-built package
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420 MMSCFD station capacity

12 inch ultrasonic metering

20 inch ANSI 600 PIG launcher design

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