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Entech was contracted to provide design services for a large, system-wide, flow meter replacement program aimed at upgrading obsolete and maintenance intensive HP3000 diaphragm meters. TC Energy had determined that new Coriolis meters would be installed and associated wiring and RTU upgrades would be made to improve measurement accuracy and reduce maintenance costs.

This program involved similar station upgrades for twenty-two (22) facilities in five (5) different states, managed by a single project team. By bundling similar scoped projects, TC Energy recognized a significant design cost savings while improving construction and engineering consistency.

Solution Details
Entech worked closely with TC Energy to determine sites and metering run upgrades. Existing meters were located outside and inside existing structures. Pipe support evaluations were completed for existing units and new supports were added as required. Wiring and instrumentation control upgrades were made to accommodate the new Coriolis meter along with upgrades to existing conduit as required. Existing transmitters were replaced with Smart transmitters to improve overall process communication and accuracy.

Entech provided a full detailed construction set of construction drawings including updated existing mechanical fabrication drawings, support drawings, demolition plans, loop diagrams, electrical plan and section drawings and overall site drawings.

In addition, Entech provided a hazardous classification evaluation and updated existing hazardous classification drawings and/or created new hazardous drawings when required.

Services Provided

  • Site review and demolition drawing 
  • Coriolis meter retrofit design
  • Mechanical piping modification drawings
  • Pipe support and upgrade design
  • Wiring and Conduit Upgrades
  • New conduit routing and overhead tray design
  • Existing capacity review and confirmation
  • RTU Upgrades
  • Card capacity review
  • Retrofit, Relocation and New Installation design
  • Battery charger relocation and rack design
  • Evaluation of electrical hazardous classification areas
  • Ventilation design for classified building


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22 facilities

5 different states

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