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There is no simple formula to remediate I&I. There are so many situational factors that need to be considered and weighed. No amount of system modeling will ever give you the answer, the answers come in blending science and art with persistence. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with clients from the office and in the field across the Mid-Atlantic region to create I&I reduction program projects that help them invest and fight I&I wisely.

Here is an overview of our typical process:

gather data:

Review historical flow and rainfall records, system information, previous studies, interview staff to establish baseline data, and utilize additional monitoring, as necessary, to determine if a significant I&I problem exists and if the primary cause is inflow and/or infiltration.

review codes & regulations:

Ensure your construction, connection, permitting, and design standards and protocols are in place and up-to-date, and are being enforced to limit future I&I.

I&I source investigations:

Utilize a variety of testing and mapping processes to identify high priority and low remediation cost I&I sources. System inflow is usually addressed first, since identification and remediation is simplest. Leaky manholes can be remediated with no engineering, permits, or construction costs for under $100, eliminating several thousand gallons of inflow during rainfalls. Manhole inspections, smoke and dye testing, video inspections, wastewater metering, system modeling, and home inspections can all be potentially utilized here. Note, as field work is occurring, we recommend synergistically collecting GPS information on your system for future or concurrent mapping efforts.

develop a personalized plan & implement:

Formalize your findings into a long term plan to reduce I&I. Starting with the “low hanging fruit” is always best to see quick results with low expenditures. Successful I&I plans are a part of a larger wastewater management philosophy, because they include many projects over time and require commitment and follow-through.

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