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For nearly four years the residents of the Sun Valley development endured unsafe drinking water, frequent outages, and low water pressure due to an unreliable and poorly maintained water system. Some residents would go weeks without water service, and a boil water advisory was in effect for several years.

Water system buildings were literally falling down. Two existing water storage tanks were unsecured and in poor condition. Sections of exposed water lines would freeze periodically during the winter months.

Aqua stepped in to take over the abandoned water system, and we were selected to design a new water system, including treatment, water lines, a water storage tank, and controls.

Solution Details

The problems began when the owner/operator of the Sun Valley Water Company, which served the development, died and his property was sold at a tax sale. Residents were left to fend for themselves. Local legislators heard the desperate pleas for help.

Elected officials needed to get the estate relinquished and acquire the land deeds in order to tackle replacement of the water system. They contacted Aqua Pennsylvania, Inc. (Aqua) who quickly got involved to help restore clean water to the residents of Sun Valley.

Aqua enlisted Entech to design the entire project, which included complete replacement of the existing distribution system – 12,000 LF of pipe, a 10,000 gallon finished water storage tank, a new water treatment building, and private property water service connections (4,300 LF) to approximately 67 homes. A new portable generator was added at the well house to ensure reliable power for the facility even during outages.

As part of the project, Entech completed the required permitting and assisted with bidding and services during construction. Entech also assisted with the preparation of funding applications. A $1.6M grant was secured from PENNVEST in addition to $1.2M in other loans. With the help of Aqua and Entech, Chestnuthill Township was also able to acquire $150,000 in state grant funding to provide each resident with a new service line to their homes.

By working together, local officials, Aqua and Entech were able to restore clean, reliable water to the residents of the Sun Valley development.

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12,000 LF distribution system replaced

67 homes connected

$1.6M PENNVEST grant

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