Tank Repainting & Rebranding

North Penn Water Authority Hatfield, PA



We recently helped the North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) build two new elevated storage tanks, adding 5.5 million gallons of storage to their system. As a result, their 750,000 gallon elevated tank in Hatfield, PA was no longer required for water storage capacity within their system. However, as an iconic landmark in Hatfield since 1970, the tank holds local cultural significance in addition to holding cellular antennas that provide network coverage to the area. We helped NPWA evaluate various options, and they ultimately chose to drain the tank, but still maintain it - repainting the exterior and rebrand it for Hatfield’s current community needs.

Solution Details

Over the last years, the Hatfield Tank had become a familiar landmark in the skyline of the borough, in particular, the star atop it that is lit during the holidays. Exuding signs of exterior wear, NPWA wanted an economical way to preserve the decommissioned tank, maintaining it for the cellular antennas, and keeping it as a visual source of pride and identity in the community.

After evaluating several options, it was determined that the tank was a great candidate for an overcoat system for the following reasons:

  • Adequate adhesion of the existing paint.
  • Minimize the disturbance & containment of lead paint, which was a concern due to the proximity of residential properties to the tank.
  • An overcoat would save construction and inspection time, reducing overall costs by 50%, versus a full blast and repaint.

Finally, we worked with Tanklogos.com to develop tank logo concepts, bringing to life the ideas of local leaders. Giving community members and leaders input into the tank’s logo options created wide-scale buy in and ownership in the project. The final selection showcases Hatfield’s patriotic spirit and message that there is much to see, do, and experience in Hatfield. The last touch for this project was new LED lights for the star atop the tank, allowing the tank to shine again, both night and day.

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750,000 gallon tank

3 new tank logos

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