Booster Pump Station Replacement

Beaver Falls Municipal Authority Beaver Falls, PA



The Beaver Falls Municipal Authority (BFMA) provides potable water to approximately 50,000 customers in 23 Western PA municipalities. The BFMA water distribution system consists of sixteen (16) water storage tanks, nine (9) booster pump stations, and approximately 350 miles of water main. BFMA needed to replace their 11th Street Booster Pump Station that was built in the early 20th century and was in a state of disrepair largely due to its age, after almost 100 years of service.

Solution Details

Entech assisted BFMA with the preliminary engineering, final design, permitting, and bidding services in order to replace the original booster pump station with a prefabricated booster pump station package. An Entech Resident Project Representative was on site full time to coordinate the project. The delivery of high-quality water service to local residents depended on the replacement of the BFMA’s 11th Street Booster Pump Station in a timely manner while keeping the existing station in operation.

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