Stormwater & Road Master Plan

Arrowhead Lake Community Association, Inc. (ALCA) Pocono Lake, PA



Located in the Poconos, the private 4,500 acre community of Arrowhead Lake was facing stormwater drainage problems causing erosion and flooding, including at the WWTP, road deterioration, and habitat loss. The community needed a long-term systematic approach to address the issues, while maintaining the rural look and feel of the community.

We teamed with NTM Engineering to survey the community’s stormwater systems and roads to develop a 20 year stormwater and roadway master plan, complete with prioritized improvement projects to guide ALCA’s spending for the greatest return.
Armed with the completed plan, ALCA can now make informed decisions as they wisely invest in their community infrastructure.

Solution Details

Entech developed a community-wide Master Stormwater and Road Plan that integrated sewer, road and drainage systems. The plan specifically identified six priority areas which included an evaluation of Wetlands and Exceptional Value Streams, Rare Threatened and Endangered species, Cross Road Culverts, Existing Ditches, and Road Slope and conditions. A map was created to outline all of the areas that needed attention.

Careful inventory of needs was performed. This coordinated infrastructure upgrade plan allowed the Community to prioritize and schedule improvements to accommodate urgent road, stormwater and sewer needs and allocate resources appropriately over a 20 year plan period.

Bioretention basin concepts were created to use vegetation to slow and treat stormwater runoff. Care was taken to locate planned improvements in right-of- ways, on easements, or in lots that would never be built on. Improvements avoided environmental features to maintain the aesthetics of the wooded development.

The community was encouraged to be part of the planning by being asked to give early input on the project and being kept informed during the process. By addressing challenges in an integrated way, overall savings can be realized in future construction projects.

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3,600 homes

4,500 acres

2,000 culverts

20 year master plan

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