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Howard County, MD (HCMD) managers were challenged in understanding and planning for their diverse portfolio of buildings’ needs. We simultaneously performed facility condition assessments (FCAs) and collected data and barcoded major mechanical equipment throughout 40 facilities totaling more than 1.4M sq. ft. The initial project was so successful, HCMD asked Entech to survey additional buildings/facilities.  The cumulative data from this ongoing project allows HCMD to create a more informed 10 year capital plan and implement a Computer Management Maintenance System (CMSS) to budget, prioritize, maintain, and prolong their buildings and mechanical systems useful lives.

Solution Details

We performed condition assessments on HVAC systems, envelope, foundations, interior spaces, conveying systems (elevators), and electrical and fire protection systems. Buildings surveyed included public works facilities, community centers, highway shop buildings, Central Maryland Transit Operations, a public school, a detention center, multiple fire stations, warehouses and even leased properties.  After the site assessments were completed, we began developing projects based on their visual survey, interviews with maintenance staff and building managers. Years were then assigned for the projects based on condition and age. Working with the county, projects were assigned a priority level of immediate, high, medium, and low priorities. Deficiencies and solutions along with cost estimates, were developed to help guide the County with a plan to address deferred maintenance and budgets throughout their portfolio.

In conjunction with the FCA, our team collected information on many of the buildings’ critical systems and tied it to a unique barcode identifier, placed on each piece of equipment; 3,536 assets were barcoded with their make, model, capacity, age, remaining useful life, replacement cost, and location, all documented and linked to the barcode. This now enables the owners to track age, preventive maintenance, repairs, and other information for each piece of equipment. Work orders now will be issued to maintenance staff to service equipment that is in need of preventive maintenance, and to ensure they are properly being maintained, while increasing the useful life and decreasing unexpected failures.

HCMD now has both the granular and holistic data they needed on each building and system within their portfolio to better manage their assets. The 10 year capital plan now will equip the administration with the information necessary to make more informed decisions where funding should be targeted, and the equipment level information will allow maintenance to better forecast and prolong equipment life.

barcoded equip.:
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Pumps
  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Fans
  • Fire Protection
  • Conveying Systems
  • Electrical Panels
  • Air Compressors
  • Motors
  • Controls
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40 facilities assessed

1.4M sq.ft. of space assessed

3,500+ assets barcoded