WWTP Upgrades

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The Waymart Area Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Canaan Township was in need of upgrades and expansion. Increased flows to the sewer system required a capacity increase of 100,000 gallons per day (gpd). Waste Activated Sludge from the SBR system needed more consistent thickening prior to aerobic digestion to reduce sludge disposal costs and influent screening was needed to remove undesirable rags and debris in the raw waste coming from two prisons located in the service area. With a three mile effluent force main to the discharge outfall, the effluent pumps were worn out and the UV system also needed to be upgraded. Along with these improvements, the new design needed to increase efficiency and help the Authority reduce long-term operating costs.

Solution Details

Plant capacity was increased to 815,000 gpd. A new Ovivo membrane sludge thickening system was installed which increased the total solids of the sludge to 3.5%, while reducing suspended solids, nitrogen, phosphorus and other side stream loads to the SBR process. The higher solids percentage in the aerobic digesters allows the sludge to digest for a longer period of time further reducing the quantities of sludge for disposal. New screens and a Headworks building were installed to reduce rags and trash from entering the wastewater treatment stream, helping to protect and reduce wear on process equipment. The effluent discharge pumps were replaced by high efficiency units and the UV disinfection system was upgraded. Entech provided design, bidding and construction services for the project.

All of these projects were completed within the constraints of the existing facility footprint and without disruption of services. In addition to keeping the project on budget and schedule, the team assisted the Authority in securing a $275,000 grant and low interest bank loan.

What They Said

"The project has exceeded our expectations!"

-Authority Manager

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100,000 gpd capacity upgrade

$275,000 local share grant

$2.6M total cost

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