Well Facility & Booster Pump Station

College Township Water Authority State College, PA



The College Township Water Authority (CTWA) provides potable water service to approximately 2,486 residential users and 357 other users (commercial, industrial, multiple, and public), all in College Township, Pennsylvania. At the outset of the project, CTWA supplied potable water from its Spring Creek Park and Rogers Wells.

We developed for construction a third potable water supply well in the Oak Hall Regional Park. This project also included constructing a small booster station to increase local pressure to a portion of the Village of Oak Hall.

CTWA had drilled and pump tested Oak Hall Well (OH-20) at 1,250gpm. The intent was to connect this new well to an existing transmission main in Oak Hall and supply water to the entire CTWA service area.

The proposed well facility was designed to be a sister station to the Spring Creek and Rogers Wells and include the following systems:

  • Wellhead pitless adapter
  • Raw water well pump (on a VFD)
  • Chlorination facilities
  • Clearwell High service pumps (on VFDs)
  • Meter
  • Sequesterant feed system
  • Three-phase electric service
  • Emergency generator connection
  • Well building
  • Yard piping

The new well facility was tied into CTWA’s existing SCADA system.

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