Water Tank Rehabilitation

North Penn Water Authority (NPWA) via MBA Lansdale, PA



An essential 2.0 million gallon water tank, located prominently in the center of Lansdale Borough, had become a rusty eyesore over its last decade of service, and was in desperate need of rehabilitation to extend its service life and revitalize its appearance in the Borough’s skyline. We were part of the team that evaluated and repainted the tank, plus designed key upgrades.

Solution Details

Rust streaks, faded graphics, corrosion, and metal loss were obvious signs of distress with the tank. Although the tank is massive, its site is tiny, with power lines and businesses all around, and no room for the painter’s equipment or containment tarps. Furthermore, cell carrier antennas and cables cluttered the balcony and handrails in violation of OSHA, and stricter water quality regulations, like the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR), meant water quality upgrades at the tank would be beneficial.

We teamed with Mumford-Bjorkman Associates (MBA) to write specifications, apply for permits, and perform project management and on-site inspections. The tank was repainted, inside and out, and Borough residents voted for the color combination for the tank that dons Lansdale’s new logo. Land around the tank was borrowed or rented to ensure adequate laydown areas for the painter. Early and frequent meetings with the numerous cell carriers on the tank ensured all of their equipment was removed in a timely manner, then reinstalled off the balcony outside the handrails, upon return. A passive mixing system inside, and new chlorine injection unit outside the tank provide more flexible control of water quality. This tank now has dozens of years of service ahead of it, and is again a proud landmark for Lansdale Borough and the NPWA.


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2.0 million gallon tank

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