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Inframark, LLC specializes in the management and operation of infrastructure assets for municipalities, utilities, and industrial clients. With over 200 wastewater facilities and 170 drinking water facilities across 19 states under their management, ensuring their 1,500+ employees stay updated on regulations and specialized topics like industrial pretreatment programs posed a challenge. Recognizing the importance of personalized training, Inframark aimed to provide their staff with top-tier ongoing development and deliver the most effective and knowledgeable service to their clients. Previously, their employees had benefited from training sessions conducted by our seasoned wastewater experts at various industry events, including the PA Rural Water Conference and the PennTec Conference. Inframark approached us and we designed an Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) training for them, drawing on our extensive expertise in operations and compliance across various wastewater projects and systems.

Solution Details
Training Overview:
  • Basis of an IPP - mandated and non-mandated programs
  • General Ordinance/Rules and Regulations Review - the backbone of a successful program
  • Identifying and classifying industrial users
  • General review of permits - what’s inside matters, and understanding limits
  • Industrial user reporting and record keeping
  • WWTP/Control authority reporting and record keeping
  • Sampling - industrial and WWTP plant requirements
  • Inspections - being prepared and how to handle difficult situations
  • Enforcement - the importance of a defined Enforcement Response Plan
  • Data management
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

We commenced the 22 hours of training with two days of in-person classes at Entech’s headquarters in Reading, PA, which was the perfect centralized location to pull together Inframark employees from the eastern half of the US. Our facility enabled some individuals to participate remotely via videoconferencing. As H. David Miller, LO, Senior Project Manager, explained, “The slides are only a minor part of our training. They’re the framework for the real learning, which comes from each other – telling our stories, explaining our problems, and asking for help with the solutions.”

What They Said

“After the training, our employees now have a more thorough understanding of Industrial Pretreatment Programs (IPPs), and this has given them greater confidence in managing their programs. Entech doesn’t just provide knowledge, they bring their wealth of experience to the training, and provide insight along with presentation materials. The interactive classes provided opportunities to ask questions and discuss specific examples, which enhanced the learning experience. We look forward to additional training from Entech in the future.”

-Vice President of Compliance, Inframark, LLC

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22 hour training

2 learning options, virtual or in-person

3 trainers