New Low Pressure Sanitary Sewer

Central Wayne Regional Authority White Mills, PA



Due to numerous failing septic systems within the Village of White Mills, Texas Township developed a plan through an Act 537 Special Study, to design and construct an appropriate system in order to maintain high water quality throughout the watershed. Incorporated into this study were detailed geographic surveys and a thorough and cost-effective sewage management alternative analysis.

On behalf of Texas Township, the Central Wayne Regional Authority implemented this Special Study, and we assisted in all phases of project development and execution. We completed the revised planning documents, design, permitting, construction, and procurement of both interim and long-term financing and obtained approximately 280 residential Deeds of Easements.

The project was imperative, and time was of the essence. This message had to be appropriately conveyed to the residents of the community in order to obtain their cooperation.

Solution Details

Seventy two percent (72%) of the on-lot sewage systems in White Mills were found to be malfunctioning or inadequate. We designed a new low-pressure sewer system within the community, providing an effective technical solution as well as low up-front costs. The sewage from the Village of White Mills connected into the Authority’s existing sanitary sewer system and was conveyed to an existing pump station. The existing sewer mains and pump station were upgraded to accommodate the additional flow, and a new 8-inch force main was installed directly from the pump station to the Authority’s wastewater treatment plant for treatment and disposal.

The system was comprised of 45,000 feet of 1 ½ - 6 inch low pressure mains, 6,100 feet of 8-inch force main, 280 grinder pump units, 22,000 feet of lateral piping, nine (9) stream crossings, one (1) railroad crossing, one (1) odor control conditioning station, and one (1) upgraded pump station. Entech prepared, submitted and obtained the following permits for the project:

  • PADEP Part II Water Quality Management Permit
  • PADEP GP5 – Utility Stream Crossing
  • WCD NPDES Stormwater Permit
  • WCD Sediment and Erosion Control Approval
  • DRBC Docket
  • Railroad Right-of-Way Agreement
  • PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit
  • Borough and Township Road Opening Permit
  • Environmental Reviews – PNDI and PHMC
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280 grinder pump units

12.7 mi. of sewer mains and lateral piping

RUS funding

By Service