Campus Facility Assessments

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA



As part of a comprehensive Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) for the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), and in order to accommodate scheduling requirements, we performed detailed surveys of 208 buildings, in three separate phases. Located in center city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this prestigious University has a very large, complex campus configuration and they needed information to better plan for and manage their building maintenance and renewal needs.

Most of the buildings on the campus are 40 years old or older (some dating from 1850) and many have historic significance. Not surprisingly, assessment results indicate that MEP upgrade and structural renovation requirements are commonplace. Along with evaluating the physical condition of the structures and systems, our investigations include code analyses as an integral component in determining recommended projects.

During our initial investigation. Our FCA team analyzed over 12.8 million square feet of building space. As part of the investigation, the air conditioning, heating, ventilation, plumbing, sprinkler, electrical service, electrical lighting, and fire alarm systems were surveyed. Other areas of construction that were included in the investigation were building foundations and sub-structures, structural systems, exterior walls, roofs, floor coverings, interior walls and partitions, ceilings, and conveying systems.

As part of an annual maintenance contract that FCA building data, we routinely reassessed 10-20% of the total campus square footage per year. A major resurvey was later completed on a number of areas on the UPenn campus. The area resurvey totaled over 630,000 square feet of building space. With this resurvey, we revisited the specified facilities and systems, and identified and updated the FM-Assistant Database for changes to project status, to allow UPenn staff and management a clear and updated view of their building needs and budget liabilities.

Over the past and continual rounds of FCA surveys, we have identified thousands of deferred maintenance and capital renewal/improvement projects and data, and provide project data management via our FM-Assistant database to allow UPenn to better plan, budget, and operate its campus facilities, to server their students, faculty, and mission.


Chestnut Street Property Assessment: We were contracted by UPenn to perform an assessment of a property located on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. The building surveyed was a multi-family complex the University was interested in purchasing for student housing.

New Bolton Center, Kennett Square, PA: We performed a FCA for UPenn at the New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. This included a total of 75 buildings, as well as grounds and infrastructure. The total square footage covered in this FCA was 411,541, and 246 projects were identified totaling $6.1 million construction dollars.

Formal Code Study: We conducted a formal building code survey at UPenn that included the investigation of 15 buildings including administrative, athletic, dormitories, classrooms, and laboratories, totaling 1,371,184 square feet of building space. Upon completion of the investigative process, projects were created and prioritized on the basis of what was an immediate life safety deficiency, required alterations by code, and recommended projects to lessen liability responsibilities. More than 425 projects (addressing ADA accessibility, emergency egress, fire and panic, mechanical/electrical, and general public safety concerns) were identified totaling over $19 million.

1923 Ice Rink – Philadelphia, PA: We were contracted by CVM Facilities Renewal to examine some of the building systems at the University of Pennsylvania’s 1923 Ice Rink. As contracted, Entech surveyed the buildings plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, and electrical systems.

Steinberg Conference Center: A facility condition and code study assessment was performed for the UPenn on the Steinberg Conference Center. This building comprises 157,670 square feet of building space. During this assessment a total of $222,000 was determined as deferred maintenance.

3401 Walnut Street: A facility condition and code study assessment was performed for the UPenn on the building located at 3401 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This building is a mixed occupancy building with leased commercial and food service operations. The assessment conducted looked at the 173,600 square feet of building space determining $2.0 million in deferred maintenance. The code study determined that the building, in its current state was in good condition in terms of code compliance.

Class of 1920 Dining Commons: A facility condition and code study assessment was performed for the University of Pennsylvania on the Class of 1920 Dinning Commons. The assessment covered 47,543 square feet of building space determining $1.4 million in deferred maintenance costs. The code study determined that the building, in its current state was in good condition in terms of code compliance, however there were several areas of non-compliance throughout the building that can easily be eliminated by making simple changes in day-to-day practices.

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