Stormwater Master Plan

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) Indiana, PA



Stormwater runoff has a negative effect on the quality of local streams and waterways. Existing and anticipated municipal and state stormwater regulatory controls were threatening to limit Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s (IUP’s) ability expand their campus in response to student enrollment growth. We worked with IUP and the regulators to create an actionable stormwater master plan, that identified IUP’s campus’ current stormwater impact, modeled future scenarios, and prioritized both physical and procedural changes to reduce stormwater runoff. With the plan finalized, IUP has helped ensure future development and campus operations are in line with regulators and are a proactive member for positive environmental impact in their community.

Solution Details

As a large private landowner in two municipalities, IUP recognized that its stormwater runoff directly impacts the regulatory status of the municipalities and local waterway quality. Anticipated enrollment growth at the University’s meant expansion, but required a roadmap to guide its growth in a sustainable manner. The Stormwater master plan defines and addresses these impacts. This plan provides a series of goals and accompanying objectives to ensure responsible management of stormwater and to reduce IUP’s stormwater impacts.

The plan employs data driven analysis of existing conditions, taking into account physical geography and infrastructure relating to their impact on local streams. It also examines future conditions by evaluating campus growth and modeled the impact of runoff based on anticipated future regulatory demands. Finally, the plan prioritizes physical and procedural alternatives to address IUP’s stormwater needs.

Plan Development
Development of the plan involved field data collection and review of IUP’s stormwater utility drawings to determine the existing conditions and capabilities of the campus stormwater system. GIS and AutoCAD modeling applications studied stormwater runoff volume, velocity and pollutant loading based on two year and 100 year storm scenarios.

Runoff modeling was performed based on anticipated development and campus growth to determine areas of concern. These areas were addressed by devising constructed and procedural solutions. These solutions were modeled to determine sediment reduction to meet anticipated future requirements by the Commonwealth.

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95 tons (estimated) possible 10-year sediment reduction

63% (estimated) annual sediment reduction potential

13 Stormwater Improvement Measures (SWIMs) were recommended to IUP and incorporated into the master plan.

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