Campus Utility GIS Mapping

Cedar Crest College Allentown, PA



Cedar Crest College (CCC) wanted to update their utility master drawings and utilize GIS to inventory and manage their utility infrastructure and assets across their 84 acre campus. Working with CCC personnel, we developed a GIS for the school by preparing a database and mapping by migrating the existing campus utility data from AutoCAD into the GIS.  The GIS data was then field verified using GPS and output to PDF and revised AutoCAD datasets. CCC now has updated campus utility information that they can use to make better planning decisions. Furthermore, we are currently developing web maps for campus facilities staff use.

Solution Details

We reviewed existing campus utility maps and drawings. A new base map for campus was prepared using aerial imagery, 2 foot LIDAR contours, and design data for the College’s newly constructed athletic facilities and field house.

The existing utility drawings were aligned with aerial photography and control points collected using GPS. Once aligned, the utility data was transferred to the GIS and updated for spatial accuracy in subsequent GPS data collection missions. The utilities mapped were high voltage, telecommunications, sewer, water, steam and stormwater.

The utility manholes were opened to complete the inventory and to verify details provided in the original electrical and telecommunication drawings. Sanitary sewer manholes were inspected for evidence of inflow and infiltration.

Once the data was updated in the GIS, maps were prepared for the review of the client. AutoCAD Datasets were also prepared and will be updated in coincidence with future changes to the GIS. Future work for the GIS involves preparing both desktop and mobile applications to edit and maintain the data.

Utilities Mapped
  • High Voltage Electrical
  • Telecommunications
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Stormwater
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47,000 lf of utility lines

137 manholes

180 surface features