Facility & Utility Condition Assessments

WellSpan Health York, PA



WellSpan Health sought assistance with performing an asset collection of their facilities. After obtaining a broader understanding of the health system’s needs, we recommended performing a comprehensive ten-year Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) for several building types across the system, including acute care hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and medical office buildings. At York Hospital, a Utility Condition Assessment (UCA) was also needed, due to the high asset value and centralized nature of the heating and cooling systems.  

WellSpan’s leadership team will use our assessment data and analysis to make more informed capital planning and funding requests that align with their current needs and prioritized objectives.


Solution Details
facilities surveyed:
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Gettysburg Hospital
  • Waynesboro Hospital
  • York Hospital
  • Ephrata Community Hospital
  • Chambersburg Hospital
  • Philhaven Hospital
  • WellSpan Surgical and Rehab Hospital
  • Five Surgery Centers
  • Multiple Medical Offices and Other Buildings

We visually surveyed interior and exterior architectural features as well as MEP and fire alarm systems for each specified facility. We also assessed WellSpan’s non-visible systems, those systems found behind walls and above ceilings, to ensure that both visible and hidden assets were accounted for in our analyses and calculations.

We identified deficiencies, solutions, and a prioritization schedule for deferred maintenance, capital renewal, and capital improvement projects. Opinions of probable cost included costing mark-ups that were identified by WellSpan and programmed into our customized software.

The UCA conducted at York Hospital included a written report that described in greater detail the existing conditions of the campus’s central utilities. In addition, the report summarized a full billing history, analyzed the campus’s Energy Usage Intensity (EUI) as it compares to other similar facilities, and summarized potential energy savings.  Looking 30 years into the future, the UCA recommended next steps and improvement opportunities, rather than just “in-kind” replacements.  

Our assessments culminated in WellSpan receiving a comprehensive report for each individual campus, meetings with our professional architects and engineers to discuss key findings, and access to the final data via our live software platform.

WellSpan’s leadership team will use our objective, third party assessment of current conditions to create a feasible capital plan for the future and to obtain funding for carrying out the prioritized objectives.  In addition, the health system is given a tool to review, track, and update projects from conception through completion.  

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