Underground Utility Mapping

Ursinus College Collegeville, PA



As campuses evolve over time, with growth, renovation, maintenance, technological upgrades, and employee turnover cycles, data on underground utilities can be outdated, scattered, or lost. Current and accurate information on these systems is critical in order to make informed decisions and save time and money on future projects, maintenance, and overall campus operations and priorities. Ursinus College (Ursinus) was in need of complete, centralized, and accessible information for their campus underground utilities, including stormwater, sanitary sewer, electric, telecommunications, steam and condensate, domestic water, and chilled water.

We utilized GPS equipment to map and survey the location of Ursinus’ underground utilities. This information was then used to update site plan drawings. Data from the stormwater utilities and manholes was imported and layered onto an online ArcGIS mapping system, so at any time, via a web enabled device, Ursinus staff can access and update information on those systems from the office or the field.

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