Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Aqua America, Inc. Bryn Mawr, PA



Aqua America is a growing company that provides wastewater and water utility services to more than 3 million people in eight states. In an effort to plan for needed maintenance, Aqua hired Entech to perform Facility Condition Assessments on five (5) buildings including the Corporate Office, several Operations Centers and a garage facility in Pennsylvania.

Entech sent a team of experienced architectural and engineering professionals to survey and analyze current conditions, identify deficiencies, and develop corrective measures. More than 183,300 sq. ft. were evaluated. Several of the facilities were built since 1980, however portions of the Corporate Office in Bryn Mawr, PA were built in the late 1920’s. Buildings surveyed included space for offices, shop areas, inventory storage, a laboratory and a vehicle/equipment storage garage with a washing bay.

Solution Details

The team evaluated building systems including air handling devices, water and steam equipment, electrical systems, fire protection equipment and conveying systems, among others. The Entech team also created an inventory of major mechnical, electrical and plumbing equipment.

Throughout the five buildings, Entech identified 120 projects at a total projected cost of more than $5.3M. The bulk of the projects (82.7%) were low priority repairs that Aqua will be able to plan for and implement over the coming years. The most costly projects included upgrades and repairs to electrical systems, HVAC system upgrades and roofing replacements.

Additional recommended projects included the removal/replacement of underground and above-ground fuel; and waste oil storage tanks, window and sealant replacements, storm water management, and lighting upgrades.

The assessment addressed deferred maintenance costs as well as capital renewal and improvement requirements. Detailed information was provided regarding each documented deficiency including solutions and cost estimates.

A 10-year plan was developed to assist Aqua in planning and budgeting for needed maintenance. Information gathered was compiled in the FM-Assistant database, allowing Aqua America to analyze data, generate reports and track project progress. This living document can be revised as projects are completed or are reprioritized.

Aqua has the information needed to make more informed decisions and ensure their facilities will serve them for decades to come.

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$5.3M recommended projects

183,000+ sqft. assessed

120 projects

10 year capital plan