Dining Commons Renovations

Bloomsburg University Bloomsburg, PA



Working from schematic design through construction phases of the project, we provided architectural, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services for the installation of a Subway restaurant and Starbucks cafe within the existing areas of a campus dining facility. The renovations also included the upgrade of two adjacent seating areas.

Solution Details

The Subway and Starbucks corporate design standards and the University design standards posed challenging detailed coordination issues for the project. The Starbucks space had limited head room and required tight tolerances to fit the design into the existing space. We methodically took each corporate design and translated it into a complete set of design documents for public bidding. The extension of the corporate color and finish selections had to be carefully considered and delineated on the documents to create a clear transition from Subway to Starbucks as the space was open between the two installations.

Design in each space included separate commercial kitchens, power distribution to support the respective service equipment requirements, new lighting and emergency lighting, and modifications to the existing fire alarm system. Additionally the necessary MEP and natural gas modifications were designed as required by the new fitouts.


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