Auditorium Renovation

Rowan University Glassboro, NJ



We provided architectural and mechanical design to renovate and improve the acoustical and visual performance of the Pfleeger Auditorium (Pfleeger) at Wilson Hall. The renovation included complete seating replacement for the school’s 800+ seat main auditorium, installation of new wall and floor finishes, HVAC upgrades, house lighting and sound control booth, and extensive millwork ,as well as acoustical modifications.

Solution Details

To perform a comprehensive upgrade to the entire space, we worked with an acoustical consultant who surveyed and analyzed the interior room acoustics and provided design recommendations based on the measured data they received. All of the proposed design features were taken into consideration by the acoustical consultant during the analysis phase, resulting in recommendations that would be accurate to the final design.

Since building materials do not absorb sound evenly across all frequencies, room finishes were selected to achieve balance. Another factor in material selection was based on the wide range of acoustical demands within the space. The space is used for many types of performances, from pipe organ recitals to highly amplified concerts. Motorized adjustable acoustical banners were utilized to control the reverberation time in the room and provide greater acoustic absorption. Additionally, wood panels were added to the side walls, carpet runners were placed in the aisles, new auditorium seating was installed, and new ceiling reflector panels were provided, to increase clarity and projection from the stage.

In addition to the acoustical treatments, a new concrete slab was poured along the length of the break aisle located in the center of the auditorium. This area provided eight ADA accessible seating locations alongside fixed seats.

The air handling unit supplying Pfleeger had reached its end of life and needed to be replaced. The constant volume unit with reheat was converted to Variable Air Volume (VAV) to increase HVAC efficiency within the auditorium. Pre and post-renovation acoustical testing was used to ensure HVAC noise levels were decreased.

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800+ seat auditorium

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