MEP Renovations

MidLantic Urology ASC Wayne, PA



MidLantic Urology is the largest and most comprehensive urology practice in Pennsylvania.

They recently completed a $3 million renovation to their Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) in Wayne, PA. It is the first Class C surgery center dedicated to urological care by an independent practice in the Greater Philadelphia region.

MidLantic leases two spaces in the Valley Forge Office Center. One accommodates the ASC and the other houses their imaging suite.

We worked with a local architect to complete both a feasibility study and MEP design for the project.

Approximately 3,100 sq. ft. of the 8,160 sq. ft. facility were renovated. Upgrades to the surgery center featured three spacious operating rooms – two were renovated and one is brand new - with the most up-to-date endoscopic and surgical equipment.

Solution Details

We completed a feasibility study to evaluate each facility system and determine the impact the proposed renovations, including three operating rooms, would have on current mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Major HVAC considerations related to sterile environments such as operating rooms include:

  • Airflow distribution - provide a contaminant free zone to prevent infection and avoiding equipment breakdowns
  • Proper air quality - carefully maintain filtration, temperature, and humidity
  • Space pressurization - maintain positive pressurization to protect patients and equipment/supplies from airborne contaminant infiltration from adjacent spaces
  • Risks associated with a failure of the power distribution system serving the area, i.e., emergency power requirements

Systems evaluated in the study included fire protection/fire alarm, plumbing, domestic hot water, medical gases, HVAC, exhaust, electrical, lighting, emergency power, telecommunications/AV, security, and nurse call.

The feasibility study was followed by complete engineering design and construction services for the project.

Existing building systems remained in use where feasible. It was determined that the domestic cold water, hot water heaters, electric service, HVAC, and vacuum pump systems had sufficient capacity to handle the additional load of the new spaces; however, it was necessary to add new equipment to meet the more stringent temperature and humidity requirements in the new operating rooms. In other spaces, HVAC equipment was cleaned and reused. Existing hot water heaters, fire protection, exhaust, and electrical equipment were relocated, with existing ductwork and branch piping used wherever possible.

Following Entech’s recommendation, an additional Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) was added to the emergency generator to separate life safety and non-life safety loads.

Since MidLantic was a tenant within a larger building, LEED Certification was not pursued, but construction waste was recycled, and all renovations met applicable requirements of the International Energy Conservation Code.

The newly renovated ASC will aid MidLantic in their mission of providing highly personalized and compassionate care in a more efficient and accessible way to their patients at the state-of-the-art outpatient facility.

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3,100 sq. ft. renovation area

$3M total construction cost

3 state-of-the-art operating rooms