Bidirectional Pipeline L/R Design

Confidential Natural Gas Client Pennsylvania




The owner of the natural gas pipeline wanted the ability to efficiently react to changing supply locations and conditions by having the ability to flow gas in either direction within a specific pipeline. We were contracted to provide site facility assessment, scoping, and design services to modify the existing launcher/receiver facilities to allow bidirectional pigging operations. In this case, each facility had varying levels of as-built documentation, pressure test records, and design drawings all in need of thorough review to determine the viability of reusing existing equipment.

Solution Details

Our pipeline and facility engineering team met with the client to determine the most effective method of approaching this project. As a result of the accelerated project schedule, we provided review of as-built drawings and material test records simultaneously with a field visit and site survey to document existing conditions of each 14”x20” pig trap and auxiliary piping. Initially, we provided demolition and modification plans, which included site photos along with design drawings to modify the existing launcher/receiver barrels for repurposing as bidirectional barrels.

Ultimately, because of on the limited amount of material documentation for the existing barrels, the client decided that constructing new bidirectional barrels was more cost effective than modifying the existing barrels. As a result, we provided new barrel designs, revised barrel foundation plans, site piping modification plans, and associated bill of materials (BOM). Design documentation included assembly pressure and stress calculations, hydrostatic test plans, contractor scope of work, pipeline tie-in list and valve list, and both bidding and construction drawing sets.

With the deliverables in-hand the client can confidently construct and implement the bidirectional designs and react quickly and efficiently to changing market and supply conditions by changing the flow direction of their pipeline. "

  • Bidirectional 14x20" launcher/receiver, ANSI 600 design at multiple locations
  • Site survey and as-built documentation review
  • Demolition planning and piping modification designs
  • Hydrostatic test plans per CFR 49 DOT 192
  • Contractor scope of work documentation
  • Foundation design and planning
  • Site piping modifications and BOM for procurement
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