Well Pad Equipment Layout

Confidential Natural Gas Client Mercer County, PA



Upon the completion of a successful well pad equipment layout project for this confidential client, we provided similar equipment layout planning services for a 13-well facility. Once again, the design team worked closely with the client to develop a final site layout that provided accessibility to pad equipment serving the station, while maximizing post construction space utilization.

Solution Details

The client provided a preliminary site layout as a basis of design for our experienced design team, to develop into final design and eventual construction. Well pad equipment and piping considered in the design included sand separators, indirect line heaters, gas separators with over pressure relief, fuel gas salt dryer, high-pressure natural gas piping and PIG launcher, and low-pressure total fluids piping and PIG launcher. Both high-(HP) and low-pressure (LP) systems were applied to the site, including butt-welded, flanged, and threaded piping systems.

We utilized pre-selected equipment documentation and client provided operations preferences to assemble a process flow diagram, site plan, equipment location and piping plan, and an electrical hazardous area location plan. Special considerations were taken to coordinate buried piping runs to minimize trenching, and maintain aboveground piping in areas that didn’t limit operator access/egress. Site accessibility, construction costs, and operational preferences along the way, were continually considered and instrumental to the successful completion of this project.


  • Site & equipment layout
  • Process flow diagram
  • Site piping plans
  • Pipe trenching plans
  • Access & egress space planning
  • Electrical hazardous area location plan
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