Metering Station POD Interconnect

Confidential Natural Gas Client Columbiana, OH



We were approached by an upstream client to provide a high-pressure, natural gas metering station equipment layout and piping design drawing set for review, approval, procurement, and construction. Starting with a predetermined facility pad design, our facilities engineering group was asked to take existing equipment selections and baseline station operating parameters, and provide a safe, efficient, and functional system design and facility layout.

Solution Details

Our facility engineering team worked closely with the client and reviewing transmission company to provide a cost-effective station design suitable to both parties. Utilizing input from both the client and the reviewing agent, our design group was able to provide complete station design and services, including preliminary design through the approval process, increasing project efficiency.

We provided Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), equipment layouts, foundation plans and details, electrical grounding, and electrical hazardous area classification drawings for the site. Our mechanical group developed piping plans and Bill Of Materials (BOM) for all interconnecting equipment piping from the PIG receiver through to the outlet check valve within the transmission company right-of-way (ROW).

Equipment considered within this station included inlet PIG receiver, coalescing filter/separator, atmospheric slop tank and skid-mounted orifice meter tube with enclosure. Gas sampling was provided to the skid-mounted gas chromatograph and RTU building. Station security was provided by an approved station fence design, two man-gates, and station vehicle access gate.

Operator safety, ease of access, and efficient space utilization were considered paramount during this design process. The result of effective implementation of these features, along with clear communication between all parties involved, allowed for a seamless design-review-approval process.


  • ASME B31.8 station design
  • ANSI 600 class design
  • P&ID development
  • Structural foundation loading calculations & design
  • AGA 3 – Method 2 - orifice meter capacity analysis
  • Piping pressure & gas velocity analysis
  • Piping & BOM design
  • Electrical hazardous area analysis
  • Electrical grounding, cathodic protection, & conduit plans
  • Engineering design, drawing development, approval coordination
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60 MMSCFD Station Capacity

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