FCA & Asset Collection

Georgetown University Washington D.C.



Georgetown University (Georgetown) wanted to understand their campus condition and maintenance liabilities in over 5.5 million square feet of their campus to prioritize their limited resources to achieve maximum efficiency and return on project spending. Furthermore Georgetown wanted to identify major MEP and fire protection building assets by barcoding, inventorying, and assessing the condition of these components.

Solution Details

Throughout the 48 building assessment, architectural and MEP systems were analyzed throughout the buildings for deficiencies, capital renewal, and capital improvement projects. Over $99 million in projects were identified, scheduled, and prioritized as either immediate, high, or low in FM-Assistant database, to allow Georgetown to budget and manage their projects over the next decade.

Additionally over 7,000 of the building assets, such as motorized controls, central utilities, and electrical switchgear, were barcoded and identified. Bringing all of the scattered asset information together has allowed Georgetown’s maintenance staff to develop and deploy preventative maintenance schedules to keep their building systems running and to immediately know their equipment’s information and history within a centralized system.

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5.5 million square feet assessed

48 buildings

$99 million in projects identified

7,000+ assets identified