Facility & Utility Condition Assessment

Harristown Development Corporation Harrisburg, PA



Having previously been retained to serve as an energy consultant and owner’s representative for an energy performance project, Entech was enlisted once again by Harristown Development Corporation (Harristown) to provide a Facility and Utility Condition Assessment (FCA/UCA) at their 333 Market Street and Strawberry Square Complex facilities located in downtown Harrisburg.

Harristown sought an evaluation of the existing condition of their facilities along with prioritization and pricing of the remediations needed to address identified deficiencies. Throughout the project, Entech met with both the facilities management and corporate teams, including CEO, Brad Jones, to ensure that the final report would communicate the information needed for Harristown to make informed operational and financial decisions in maintaining the assets in their facilities and utilities portfolio.

Solution Details

Entech’s assessment included four distinct occupied areas of Harristown’s asset portfolio, three of which consist predominantly of offices spaces occupied by government departments and agencies, while the fourth is a retail space:

  • 333 Market Street - Built in 1983. 23 stories with a basement.
  • Commonwealth Tower - Built in 1979. 12 stories with a basement and sub-basement.
  • Strawberry Square Tower - Built in 1979. 16 stories with a basement and sub-basement.
  • Strawberry Square Retail Area - Consists of the 1st and 2nd floors of both the State and Commonwealth buildings. 

Along with our evaluation of interior and exterior architectural features, fire alarm systems, and MEP systems (including those that are non-visible), we also evaluated the shared heating, cooling, and electrical utility systems at the Strawberry Square Complex, including equipment that serves the Commonwealth Tower, State Tower, and the Strawberry Square Retail Area.

Our assessments culminated in the delivery of a comprehensive written report and both technical and high-level key findings presentations by our professional team.

The FCA/UCA is helping to guide Harristown in making critical decisions in prioritizing projects and budgets as they manage their facility assets over the next ten years.

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