Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

Millersville University Millersville, PA



Millersville University, located on a scenic 250-acre campus in Lancaster County, PA., is one of fourteen universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. Founded in 1855 as the Lancaster County Normal School, it has been serving as an educational institution for more than 165 years.

We completed a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) for the University to assess current building conditions, identify deficiencies and recommend corrective measures. The assessment addressed deferred maintenance costs as well as capital renewal and improvement projects projected over a 10-year period. The assessment is a vital tool for the University to use when planning, budgeting, and maintaining their campus buildings.

Solution Details

Forty-one (41) campus facilities were surveyed totaling more than 1.6M square feet with varied uses including administrative, residential, academic, spiritual, athletic, student life and maintenance. Buildings surveyed were built as early as 1886 and as recently as 2016. We provided assessment for architectural and University services including conveying, plumbing, mechanical and fire protection systems. In addition, we provided a visual assessment of the equipment, interiors and envelopes of campus facilities.

Nearly 500 projects were identified with a projected cost of more than $37.9M in recommended improvements. By prioritizing projects and scheduling repairs over a 10-year period, the University is equipped to manage and budget for anticipated expenses to keep their facilities in good condition.

Projects noted included upgrades to HVAC and plumbing systems, roofing, interior renovation and finishes and exterior closures.

Information gathered is stored in FM-Assistant, which can be accessed and revised as needed by the University as projects are completed or reprioritized. This dynamic database provides up-to-date data at the touch of a button ensuring that facilities are managed and maintained for decades to come.

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1.6M sq.ft. surveyed

$37.9M in project costs

41 buildings

500+ projects identified over the next 10 years