Water System Supply & Infrastructure Renovation

College Township Water Authority College Township, PA



With its two primary water supply well facilities being under the influence of surface water and Giardia bacteria, and the other two spring sources being contaminated by both surface water and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the College Township Water Authority began development of alternative water supplies to serve its customers. The question was how to best replace these compromised sources with new facilities to meet both the present and future water capacity needs of this community.

Solution Details

As we began the assessment phase of this project, we found a number of other system deficiencies which also needed to be addressed. Fire-flow testing brought to light weakness in water line delivery capacities, which were below minimum standards of PADEP and AWWA design parameters, and had possible implications for fire protection measures. C-factor analyses and hydraulic modeling led to the determination of undersized transmission mains relative to community demands. Entech had to develop a phased renovation plan to replace the existing compromised water sources, while also correcting distribution system deficiencies.

We were able to identify and develop a beneficial solution to provide an adequate water source for the next 20 years, and provided design, permitting, and construction administration services for two new 1250-gpm well facilities. These wells, free from contaminants and with capacity limits in excess of maximum demand parameters, were tied into the existing transmission system, which was enhanced with water line upgrades and extensions. To increase the cost-effective management of this system, a SCADA telemetry system for monitoring operations was designed for the Authority office and six additional remote monitoring locations. The remaining improvements were incorporated into a phased, comprehensive, long-term plan for use by the Authority. The upgraded water system will serve the community for years to come with an adequate supply of clean, clear water.

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(2) 1,250 GMP well facilities