HVAC & Architectural Renovations

The Salvation Army Reading, PA



Our relationship with the Salvation Army in Reading, Pennsylvania began as we provided a feasibility study and preliminary engineering services for the replacement and upgrade of the existing HVAC system located in an older section of the building. We presented options and made recommendations for the type of equipment to replace the existing HVAC system along with opinions of probable construction cost and annual operating cost.

This study was followed with a proposal for architectural and engineering services. The architectural improvements included renovating the building entrance, modifying the chapel platform, renovating a 1951 entrance vestibule, renovating the Commanding Officer’s office, adding a third floor Sunday school room, and renovating a third floor classroom.

Solution Details

As our team began the design development phase we performed a detailed site investigation, existing document review, and detailed code review. Once the proposed HVAC and electrical equipment was selected we began to coordinate the architectural changes with the engineering systems. Since the existing reception and waiting area experienced crowding during the busiest times of the day, renovations were aimed at enlarging the waiting area and providing improved public access to the reception area. In the chapel the existing platform was not large enough to accommodate the performers comfortably, making expansion necessary.

The entrance vestibule was being used as a conference room, however, the existing configuration did not provide adequate space or acoustical privacy. We transformed this space into the Chief Commanding Officer’s office by extending the floor across the void where the existing vestibule stairs were located. The new office took advantage of the existing vestibule storefront system to promote natural day lighting of the space. Occupant lighting control was provided with adjustable roller shades installed in the storefront system.

A Sunday school room was added on the third floor to be used for food serving and small classes. The stud wall enclosure was finished with gypsum board and included vision panels centered in the wall with two doors on each end of the room to allow for ingress / egress circulation during food service.

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