Energy, Maintenance, & Preservation Planning

Harford County, MD Harford County, MD



Conducted in two phases, we provided planning and design services to Harford County, Maryland to help them make more informed decisions for the maintenance and operations of their courthouse building.

Solution Details

During Phase I of the project, we combined our facilities condition assessment, energy, and historic preservation expertise to prepare a 10 year facility plan for the historic Harford County courthouse. This phase included a comprehensive condition assessment, a Level 2 energy audit, and a historic building inventory. The data collected was stored in our FM-Assistant database software, customized for this project application. The database provided an agile platform not only to create the plan, but to also to manage implementation and changes and to track progress.

The results of the three study components were synthesized together to create a 10 year plan that scheduled mechanical and electrical systems projects, based on energy payback combined with the deferred maintenance cost.
Several proposed preservation projects were developed and prioritized to address deferred maintenance projects related to the deficiencies observed in the historic masonry, windows, and roofing.

During Phase II of the project, Entech provided design services for masonry restoration, window restoration and storm window installations, and HVAC upgrades that incorporated energy improvements into deferred maintenance projects.

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