Manufacturing Plant Addition

Confidential Manufacturing Client Schuylkill County, PA



We provided architectural, structural, fire protection, and civil engineering services for this 3,800 square foot manufacturing facility addition. Architectural and structural services included observing existing building conditions, reviewing the geotechnical report, and site survey provided by the client. It was also necessary to determine the structural loading requirements for the building addition.

Solution Details:

We provided structural calculations for the building addition foundation and superstructure, and prepared the foundation and roof framing construction plans to include foundation and structural steel details, wall and roof sections, schedules, technical notes, and technical drawing specifications.

Our fire protection services included providing performance specification for design and installation of a wet pipe sprinkler system and the modification of an existing system by the sprinkler contractor. The sprinkler contractor obtained flow tests, and provided hydraulic calculations and sealed drawings issued for permitting. The project required coordinating and showing the location of the sprinkler riser and fire department connection, providing sprinkler installation details and coordinating connections with the water service, contacting the utility to obtain available hydrant test data and estimated available pressure and flow, and verifying service capacity based on available data to determine if a fire pump was needed.

We also provided civil engineering associated with the expansion of the building. Services provided included developing a grading plan and drawings for the miscellaneous site details for construction, all technical specification notes related to the site work, and the reconfigured existing below-grade stormwater conveyance system.

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3,800 sq.ft. addition