Facilities & Utilities Condition Assessments

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We have been providing building and hospital campus planning services to Penn Medicine since 2016, providing a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA), recurring FCA re-assessments, and more recently, a Utilities Condition Assessment (UCA) at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) campus to provide up-to-date data for the buildings and systems. Our assessments have proven to be invaluable tools for HUP as it navigates the challenges of managing its campus. The facilities managers and stakeholders of Penn Medicine’s other campuses have also seen the value we are bringing; we have been contracted to provide Facility and Utility Assessment services for numerous facilities at four of Penn Medicine’s other campuses, totaling approximately 14 million square feet.

Solution Details
locations assessed:
  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
  • Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Princeton Health
  • Perelman School of Medicine

Our assessments have included MEP and fire alarm systems, campus utilities, and exterior/interior architectural features of each specified facility, culminating in the delivery of comprehensive reports for each individual campus to address deferred maintenance, capital renewal, and capital improvement projects. Each building and system undergoes a visual inspection that seeks to identify deficiencies and recommend solutions, renewal costs, and a prioritization schedule.

Our FCA of each facility includes assessing systems that are ‘behind the walls’ and ensuring that both visible and hidden assets are accounted for in our assessments and calculations. Penn Medicine also recognizes the value of ensuring that their campus utilities are capable of supporting their facilities well into the future; our Utilities Condition Assessment process is providing them with an evaluation of these hidden assets as well.

The information delivered is helping to inform each campus’s facilities management team in prioritizing projects and budgets over a ten year period of time. Our comprehensive and standardized reports are enabling Penn Medicine’s leadership teams to communicate needs, priorities, budget concerns, and project plans across all campuses.


"I was extremely skeptical when we started this project, however, I am extremely pleased with the results and data provided from the FCA. Not only has it provided PPMC with quality data on our building and assets, it has provided Penn Medicine, as a whole, with consistent data and language, that allows us to better communicate between the hospitals and team members." - Assistant Executive Director.

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14M+ sq.ft. assessed to date