Water System Master Plan

Town of North East, MD North East, MD



The Town of North East, Maryland, owns and operates a public water supply system that serves the Town of North East as well as adjacent areas within Cecil County, Maryland.

The water system provides potable water to approximately 2,600 customers and is comprised of two water treatment plants (Rolling Mill and Leslie Water Treatment Plants) along with their associated raw water reservoir/intakes and finished water pumping stations, two booster pump stations, five elevated and ground storage tanks with a total volume of 1.7 million gallons of storage, 50 miles of water distribution pipelines, and five pressure zones.

A previous engineer had completed a similar study which had projected water system needs through 2015. With the 20 year window of the first study now passed, The Town of North East knew they needed a new study that would look at the next 20 years. In addition, the signing of a recent water purchase agreement with an adjacent water utility for 150,000 gallons per day and the potential for a much larger future purchase, prompted the need for an additional study to determine the ability to meet this demand.

Solution Details

Entech carefully reviewed the previous report as a starting point for the new Master Plan. Reviewing existing data, a system inventory was completed. Based on the actual water demand for the previous three-year period, population data and billing records, an estimate of the billed, consumed and non-revenue water was calculated. A future growth rate was derived for use in forecasting water needs over the 20-year study period of the plan.

Capacities and treatment regimens were evaluated for both treatment plants to better understand processes and identify needed upgrades/improvements. Useful water storage volume was calculated to determine future storage needs and identify locations for any proposed storage facilities. Opinions of probable cost and project schedules were provided for all recommended improvements.

In regards to the Water Purchase Agreement, Entech reviewed the Town’s treatment plants, finished water storage tanks, operations staff, pumping stations, and water distribution system. Calculating the financial impact to the Town was crucial in determining if the larger purchase of water could be accommodated while also allowing for the increased demand the Town would normally expect from new residential and commercial customers.

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2,600 water customers

1.7M gallons of water storage

50 miles of water distribution pipelines

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